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Today, most transactions require going through several third parties, making them costly, time-consuming and risky for individuals, investors and financial institutions. The democratization of Blockchain upsets this traditional pattern and leads to more or less profound disintermediation within the financial sector but also in many other sectors of activity, with the implications who as a result.


Our project is to make the giant catering sector benefit from the advances and the utilities and possibilities of blockchain technology.

Starting from our RTK token, passing through NFTs, and a dedicated wallet, and also a platform bringing together professionals in the catering sector, employers, employees, and various companies and investors.

Our Strategy

The Roadmap

08/2022 Q1
ICO Step 1


12/2022 Q2
ICO Step 2


05/2023 Q3
ICO Step 3


05/2023 Q4
Partnerships with professionals and investors

Several advantages and encouragement to adopt our project

2023 Q5
Listing of RTK on exchanges

Select of the best platform for trading and swiping

2023 Q6
Global marketing campaign

Make our project known to the whole world

2023 Q7
Development and launch of the wallet

A fast and secure dedicated wallet

2023 Q8
Development and launch of the plateform

Visibility for companies and professionals, promotions and tips

2023 Q9
Development and launch of NFTs

Partnerships with artists and designers

2023 Q10
Governance token listing

Sharing governance and keeping the balance of the project

Token Allocation








Increase your earnings
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We wish to develop partnerships with catering chains and companies in the field of catering all over the World, we will also negotiate contracts with delivery platforms .


Pay the right price, easily share and exchange your RTKs, know your balance in real time


Be our partner and benefit from visibility, Time saving, and facilities


Brings visibility to companies and also to catering professionals


Reward your employees and benefit from advantages, order your RTKs in few clicks, loyalty of your employees


We encourage artists, Be the artist you dream of being ! Sell ​​your works directly online to audience


But RTK means increase your purchasing power, free and unlimited use

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Frequently Asked

The blockchain can be considered as a data distribution protocol in a register shared by a multitude of actors. With this protocol, the data is no longer centralized and held by a single actor; on the contrary, it is distributed and owned by all.

The blockchain implements a shared truth. Usually, when two parties (or more) want to historicize data to make their content unalterable and therefore guarantee their authenticity, they rely on a trusted third party. The latter keeps a centralized register up to date, the integrity of which he must ensure. In the field of finance, for example, this is the mission of clearing houses.
With blockchain, the trust model has been completely revolutionized: each stakeholder has a copy of the register, with blockchain technology ensuring the synchronization of these copies. It is therefore possible to manage to maintain a “Single Source of Truth” without resorting to a central authority or a third party.

There are different “technical solutions” to implement a distributed ledger protocol, but the blockchain is only a technology, a protocol that does not constitute a business solution as such. To build a blockchain-based solution, many other services are required. Take the case of a project that aims to authenticate the main stages of a food processing chain. In such a case, some data is transmitted by sensors (to measure the temperature for example) and others by human beings (to confirm the completion of a task). To develop the solution, it is therefore necessary to integrate IoT (Internet of Things) type data flows and information entered from web interfaces. Perhaps it is also necessary to couple the blockchain to existing systems. All these components are not provided by the blockchain itself but contribute to the overall solution.

Multiple use cases have already been identified and this in many sectors of activity. Here is a (very) far from exhaustive list:
In finance: derivatives trading, yield swaps, crowdfunding, compliance reports…
In insurance: peer-to-peer insurance, claims processing, automated underwriting, etc.
In the media: digital rights management, real-time auctions for advertising purchases, game monetization.
In logistics: traceability, real-time auction for deliveries, etc.
In public administration: votes, vehicle registration, etc.